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Export Products:- Arabica Green Coffee, Oil seeds & Pulses

Washed & Unwashed Arabica Green Coffee

  •  Sidamo type
  •  Lemu type
  • Harar type
  •  Yirgacheffee type
  • Jimmah type
  • Lekempti type
  • Teppi type
  •  Bebeka type 

Oil Seeds

  •  Sesame ( White Wolega Type )
  •  Sesame (White Humera Type )
  •  Sesame (Reddish Type)
  • Niger Seeds (Noug)
  • Flax Seed (Lin Seed)



  • White Pea Beans (Haricot Bean)
  •  Chick Peas
  • Horse Beans (Faba Beans)
  • Whole Brown Lentils 
  • Red Kidney Beans
  •  Green Mung Beans 
  • Soya Beans

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By integrating the strategic growth of the country’s agricultural production with agricultural marketing activities, the Enterprise creates market opportunities to farmers and developmental investors. Moreover, the Enterprise generates foreign currency earning by exporting agricultural products and plays a role of developmental force through stabilizing markets for both producers and consumers.  

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